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Aftercare Instructions

  • Do NOT wet lashes and avoid steam for first 6 hours

  • You will shed 2-5 natural lashes PER eye PER day, this is normal and happens even without extensions

  • Avoid products with mineral oils and glycols or waterproof makeup around the eyes

  • No rubbing, picking, tugging or excessive touching or brushing

  • Avoid sleeping on your face, you will experience more shedding on the side you sleep on, if you have difficulty sleeping this way, invest in a silk pillowcase that is much gentler than a traditional cotton pillowcase

  • Wash 3-7x per week (ask your technician) with a lash shampoo

  • Do not sleep in your makeup or apply moisturizers on lids

  • Brush morning and as needed, but not while extensions are wet

  • Avoid towels or cotton on the extension, as the lint may snag on the extensions, pat dry

  • Avoid high heat such as ovens, bbq pits, saunas which may cause extensions to singe or fall off

  • If you notice you are losing an abnormal amount of extensions the 2 days after application, notify me asap 

  • Return for fills every 2-3 wks to avoid overly grown out extensions that may twist and cause discomfort

  • You should still have approximately 40-50% extensions still attached to qualify for a SHORT FILL, and 30-40% to qualify for a LONG FILL.  I you have less, an EXISTING NEW CLIENT SET must be scheduled.

  • If you are experiencing any type of reaction or discomfort TEXT (832)931-0847

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